Attic Conversions

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an extra bedroom or playroom for your children? If you’re looking to add more value and versatility to your home, then consider converting your attic.

Common uses for an attic

Proper thought and planning will help turn what once was an underused area into one of great function and beautiful form.

Once you’ve decided to go forward with the project, what should you do with the space?

  • Additional Bedroom
  • Play Area
  • Game Room
  • Hobby/Craft Room
  • Library
  • Home Office

Lets talk transformation

Project checklist

There are some things you will need to think about before you decide to go ahead with the project:

  • Do I need or want to make structural changes to your home to support the living space I am trying to create?
  • Where will the staircase go?
  • Am I going to add dormers, skylights and windows?
  • Where will electrical outlets and phone jacks be placed?
  • My attic is not finished. Do I need to bring the space up to code?
  • Do I need to frame the walls and ceiling, install heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and plumbing if I want a washroom or bathroom up there?
  • Finally, to make the space beautiful and inviting, you will need to do some finishing touches, like installing hardwood floors or carpeting, painting or wallpapering the walls and perhaps adding a door to give the space some extra privacy.

Lets start your checklist