Basement Remodeling

The basement is that part of the house that just a few people, mostly family have access to, so many of us put it at the end of the list when it comes to remodeling. Even so, a remodeled basement can totally transform you home and the way you feel about it.

Basement remodeling ideas

If you just want to have your basement remodeled and you don’t have any designs in mind or you don’t know what would go with the space or what changes can be done, don’t stress yourself too much. We are here to help. Our team will guide you the whole way from the beginning till all the work is done. We are a reliable team and we make our customers part of the process from the beginning. We always listen to what you have to say, that way we can deliver quality work and the space will be exactly what you expected

Common uses for a basement area:

  • Extra bedroom and bathroom
  • Fitness and sauna
  • Mini bar
  • Small kitchen
  • Wine cellar
  • Home theater
  • Game Room
  • Perfect storage space

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Bright basement plans

To transform your basement from that scary, dark place into one that everybody enjoys, take a few days at least and needs a remodeling plan. You can even ad another room and another bathroom to your household just by remodeling the basement.

Glenbrook Remodeling’s team of experts has smart, innovative ideas that they can share with you. They can also help you with choosing the right materials and the colors that give your place the best look.

It doesn’t matter how your basement looks like right now, there are always options than can be takes into consideration. If your space is too dark, we can install more windows, or present you with the right lightning options, if the ceiling is too low, we can excavate the floors. If there are too many doors and small storage spaces, we can always take them out and give your basement that open and modern look and feel .

When it comes to floors, you have several choices too. We can install hardwood floors that are water resistant, and those are a trend nowadays, or you can choose from tile, ceramic, natural stone or even carpet. Depending on what kind of place your basement will turn into.

Basement Plans

Get more square footage without the cost of an addition.

Open up your space

Typical basement drawbacks include a lack of natural light and insufficient headroom, but often windows can be installed and rooms can be excavated. We can help you see the opportunities your space can offer, and you will find plenty of options for creating a remodel that enhances your living space. If your basement is currently an unfinished room, a remodel will require a building permit.

When the basement is no longer a storage room for all your old stuff and becomes an extension of your house, a huge room to hang out with family and friend or a kid’s playground during cold winter nights, everything changes. From that dark, crowded place, full of cardboard boxes, the basement can become a nice living room, a room filled with toys where your kids can enjoy themselves for hours without disturbing you, can be the perfect place for a gathering or a party or a beautiful sport/game room for the male part of the family.

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Basement layout ideas

Thеre are sevеrаl wаys tо incrеаѕе the lіving ѕрасe оf уour hоme wіthout сhаngіng іtѕ сurrent foоtрrint. The spaсе belоw уour feеt is thе best оption. Gеnеrallу, moѕt peoрle havе bаsеmеnts that аrе unfіnіshed, nоt worked, non-rеnovatеd аnd morе. Howevеr, іt would be аn excеllеnt орtіоn if thiѕ spаce was cоnvеrtеd іntо аn efficiеnt lіving space. This іѕ сost еffеctіvе but certain considerations need to be highlighted for a suсcеssful basement rеmodеl іnсluding vеntilаtіоn, hеating, mоisturе рrevеntіоn and lіghtіng.

We сan cо-ordinаtе wіth arсhіtесtѕ, plumbеrs, and electrісіanѕ to achieve all your needs for basement remodeling and can provide you with some great basement layout ideas for hоme offiсеѕ, homе gуmѕ, pеrsоnal thеatеrѕ, guest bedroоms аnd bathrоoms, gamе rоom for kіdѕ аnd аdultѕ, familу rоom, plaу room for infantѕ, musіc studiоѕ, рerѕоnаl jаm roоmѕ and more…

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