JOURNALonline: Glenview Home Remodeling Business Celebrates Grand Opening

January 2016. Source: JOURNALonline

Glenview residents now have a one-stop location to visualize their home remodeling ideas and get advice from an experienced contractor at the Glenbrook Remodeling showroom.

Owner Alex Rares Gherghiceanu celebrated his grand opening Thursday, Jan. 14, after almost nine years working in the village.

“We have really adopted the community into our hearts,” he told the Glenview Journal.

He explained that he opened the showroom to “create a legacy” in the area, and to provide customers with a credible showroom experience.

“They will not be dealing with a salesman, I’m not just an office guy,” Gherghiceanu said, “we have vast experience from years in the field.”

Glenbrook Remodeling’s combination of hands-on contractors and wide range of showroom samples saves customers the trouble of dealing with multiple companies for their remodeling needs, according to company officials.

The company offers a full line of interior remodeling options, according to its website.

These include work on kitchens, bathrooms, basements and attics, as well as faucet and cabinet installation.

According to Gherghiceanu, the motto of his company is “be local.”

He said that he uses local suppliers from Illinois for the majority of materials used in his projects.

“We want to be the one everyone goes to,” he explained.

Glenbrook Remodeling Showroom is located at 450 Glenview Rd. near Harms Road.

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