Open Up Kitchen in Glenview

The client came to Glenbrook Remodeling with desire to update her kitchen, which she had not really liked since she downsized to the town home a year ago. The cabinets were worn, countertops of laminate, and just in need of a helping hand.

With the help of designers at Glenbrook Remodeling she got the kitchen she dreamed of. We were able to present the clients with renderings of how the kitchen would look before starting the project. So the expectations of the finished result was clear.

The pass-through between kitchen and family room was so low you had to bend down to speak with visitors, the galley kitchen felt confined.

The new kitchen has opened the wall to the family room giving a vast expanse of counter space for entertaining, hobbies and just hanging out with family. Quartz countertop with no maintenance was one of the first choices made. The cabinets are a modern Shaker style in a light grey paint, which is complimented by the clean lines of the subway tiles and hardware for the cabinets are in style with the stainless steel sink and faucet.

One little detail, that needed a solution as the project progressed was the switch for the garbage disposal. It has previously been a switch on the wall, but with the wall gone, we created a convenient air-button switch on the countertop near the sink – no need to operate from inside the cabinet now.

After painting the kitchen the family room looked a little disconnected, so we came up with the solution to paint the ceiling beams in the kitchen color in a glossy finish, and to separate the family room from the living room we extended the dividing ceiling beam as a column on the wall. As you see in the pictures this is a great way to contain a project, that could easily have expanded to the whole house.

The client is really happy with the results of the kitchen remodeling and have proceeded to get rid of the old worn furniture in the family room to complete the transformation.

Customer Review

The old kitchen in my townhouse didn’t have enough counter space. A wall blocked my view of the patio, the family room was separated from the kitchen, the cabinets over the sink were hard to reach and the cabinets needed replacement.

I used the Glenbrook Remodeling team who were a pleasure to communicate with! They removed the wall that blocked the patio view and expanded the counter surface. They installed new cabinets and increased storage capacity. The kitchen/family room looks bigger now and everyone congregates there… it’s a happy place! Thank you Alex, Hanne, Mike, and team!