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Popular Trends with Custom Bathrooms

Popular Trends with Custom Bathrooms

Although bathrooms are functional spaces, that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy being in them. Remodeling your bathroom can have a huge impact on the way you see the space. It’s easier than you think to create a little oasis for yourself whilst you get ready for the day ahead. Glenbrook Remodeling has compiled the most popular bathroom trends to inspire you to hire a bathroom contractor today.

Soft & Subtle

This look is sleek and smart and can be paired with plants or colorful décor to add personality to the space. 


It’s the year 2021, so by now, naturally, we can have heating towel racks & heated floors to pair with smart mirrors and large vanities in our homes. Screens to adjust our shower lighting color, our health information displayed in front of us as we brush our teeth, and so much more are common features you may see. Futuristic features in your bathroom are more popular than ever, and once you start the trend, your upgrade options are endless as new technologies are discovered. 

Gold Accent

There’s something really simple about a classic bathroom with gold accents. A vanity or mirror casing, whether it’s a small or large accent, can highlight the gold look, which is in right now. 

Compact Storage To Maximize Space

If you’re less focused on aesthetics and instead prefer practical solutions – though there are plenty of visually pleasing options too – compact storage may be the bathroom trend for you. If you’re lacking in space or just have a lot of belongings, investing in built-in storage solutions can help you create the clutter-free space you’ve always dreamed of.

Trends come and go, but these are sure to stay popular for many years to come. The clean aesthetic appeal and optimized space will never go out of style and will surely enhance your bathing space. Glenbrook Remodeling has the perfect custom bathroom designs for you, so reach out today to discuss your desires!

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