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5 New Cabinet Tips

5 New Cabinet Tips

1. Personalize Your Storage with Customized Insides

Plain box cabinets can leave items unreachable in the back or in corners. Adding new space efficient systems inside cabinets like roll-outs or pull-outs are as popular as pull-out recycling bins and provide that extra convenience to fit more and access everything easier!

2. Keep the New Look with Cook-Proof Finishes

If you love to cook, cabinet doors can fade and warp if subjected to higher humidity and water contact. Pick a more durable finish which will perform better over time, help to keep your doors like new and actually save you money in the long term.

3. Define Your Style with Matching Hardware

Your choice of drawer pulls and knobs makes a big difference in your finished look. Flat-panel cabinets with clean, simple and contemporary pulls tend to work best in modern kitchens. Raised-panel cabinetry with classic, old-world fixtures tends to suit traditional kitchens.

4. Get Better Flow from a Functional Layout

It matters if you are right or left handed, tall or short. Getting your kitchen layout customized to your needs starts with positioning your triangle of appliances correctly, (fridge, sink and stove), which helps align your cabinetry for maximum functionality.

5. Avoid Expensive Delays by Using Local Suppliers

Human error happens during installation causing long project delays whilst new materials are ordered from out of state or even country. Using local suppliers will guarantee quick replacement materials and keep your project on-time if an error does occur.

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