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The Glenbrook Remodeling Team

The North Shore’s top boutique team of remodeling experts

For North Shore homeowners looking to remodel their homes and improve their lives, our expert designers and remodelers provide a boutique experience that puts our clients at the center of the process.
Our Origins

Bringing passion & craft to the North Shore

Glenbrook Remodeling started with the passion of two brothers who loved to work with their hands and has grown into a lasting legacy of craftsmanship, service, and happy homeowners across the North Shore. We provide simplified, buildable solutions with quality, care, and efficiency.

At Glenbrook Remodeling we first felt very comfortable with the environment, the process and the selection. They took time to understand what we need and presented us with options that made our decision very easy.

In the end, we are very happy with our new, modern-looking kitchen. Glenbrook Remodeling did a great job, and they are a good group of professionals you can trust. We recommend them highly and without hesitation.

I'm delighted with my new bathroom. Glenbrook Remodeling did a great job and I enjoyed working with the staff and crew. I would gladly recommend them to anyone considering a remodeling job. They respond quickly to any questions I have and are always helpful.

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Alex Gherghiceanu

Business Owner & President

I started my career in construction over 25 years ago. From the very beginning, my vision was to have an establishment where I could welcome my customers and help them envision their remodeling project. A space where people feel comfortable enjoying a cup of coffee while looking at selections and make their decision process a lot easier without any pressure. In 2016 that dream was realized when I created Glenbrook Remodeling with my wife Renata and my brother Mike. Robert joined shortly after to round out our stellar team. 

As the co-owner and President of Glenbrook Remodeling, I enjoy crafting solutions for my customers and get a lot of satisfaction from overcoming any challenges and delivering a perfectly executed project.

I greatly enjoy the great outdoors, hiking, and camping with my family. I am an avid snowboarder and I enjoy hitting the slopes with my wife and son.

My personal style is inspired by nature. I like the raw and natural elements so my ideal living situation would be a rustic-style cabin in the mountains.

Renata Gherghiceanu

Business Owner & President

After 15+ years in the commercial property management scene, I decided to join our family business full-time in the summer of 2022. Since its inception in 2005, I  have been involved behind the scenes in accounting, marketing, etc. I am excited to apply my construction and managerial skills to the residential remodeling business. My focus is applying the principles of Aging in Place/Universal Design to remodeling projects and my strength is connecting with people on a personal level and helping them feel comfortable about making decisions.

When I am not at the showroom I am working my skincare and haircare side business helping people feel good about themselves.  

In my spare time, I love spending time with our son, entertaining our large family and friends, reading, hiking, and camping, and going on long walks with our adorable Beagle mix.  

My ideal home would be positioned on the waterfront and would have a large open-concept kitchen perfect for entertaining.  My style is modern coastal and feels cozy and bright.

Mike Dobre

Project Manager

I entered the field of remodeling right out of high school as a flooring installer/finisher. As I was seeking personal growth, I began taking classes and working hands-on in the finish carpentry field. I love taking a project from a simple idea or a vision and turning it into a dream space for our clients, I am involved in every step from planning to building and transforming the place down to the very last finishing touches. I truly enjoy doing the work and watching it transform alongside our clients. Getting their feedback and seeing their amazement as their new space comes to fruition is a great reward. 

In my free time, when I am not spending time with my twin boys and wife, I apply my talents to home projects and transform my place, using ideas and designs that our amazing team has put together. I am also passionate about cars and car racing.

My dream home would be a vintage house in the downtown area of a small town with history and character that I would remodel with all the modern amenities while keeping its old-school charm. 

Robert Colin

Kitchen & Bath Designer

I have been with Glenbrook Remodelings since its opening and pride myself in helping others add value to their space through my savvy pragmatic way of thinking, 3D graphic modeling abilities, persistent efforts to go above and beyond while sporting a decade’s worth of kitchen and bath remodeling experience. My passion for interior remodeling comes from having studied Architecture at the University of Illinois at Chicago and having helped many friends, family, and neighbors to achieve their interior remodeling goals. 

Aside from enjoying picnics, long drives, and spending time with my wife and son; there is no other better feeling than helping others obtain a greater quality of life through the use of my talents. I am constantly seeking further education within the field’s industry and I am usually highly animated, typically have a smile on my face from ear to ear, and enjoy cracking an occasional joke. Keeping everyone smiling from concept to project completion is both my goal and reward!

My ideal home would be a modern home with lots of glass, flat panels, and minimalistic, clean, and crisp lines with a mountain view.