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How Do I Start My Dream Kitchen or Bath Remodel?

How Do I Start My Dream Kitchen or Bath Remodel?

Don’t dream about a fantasy kitchen or bath, Live in it! Dream Big & Stay Focused with your remodeling goals! Manifest your dreams into reality through a few of our steps. Read to learn more…

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Here are a few key steps for a successful project outcome!

Step 1: Start by setting up a Needs, Wants, & Must Have list!
– This can be done by understanding the issues you are experiencing with your existing space. Though often times its the usual lack of storage & lighting, the overall aesthetic can be improved as well. Regardless of what it may be, the remodeling manifestation process will start the second you write it down.

Step 2: Next: Begin to look for online images of kitchens or bathrooms that spark your interest!
– Keeping your visual interests in mind, a great designer will be able to help provide you with solutions & help merge your needs wants and must haves into your dream space.

Step 3: Set realistic expectations for your wants, needs, & must haves!
– Balancing your budget can be achieved with one of these 3 ways:
1st: Increase the budget to encompass both the work scope and materials. (This can be achieved with Home Re-financing or conventional bank loans).
2nd: Scale down the extent of of your remodel to encompass the finer finishes you are attracted to. (Why remodel both your kitchen and bath at the same time? If needed, remodeling of a home can always be done in stages to help facilitate financing).
3rd: Have your designer & builder look into similar alternative material finishes for you. Which can also help to decrease the overall total cost of the materials while inadvertently help to also decrease the scope of work.

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