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What Should I Do While at a Kitchen Remodeling Showroom?

What Should I Do While at a Kitchen Remodeling Showroom?

Get the most out of your kitchen remodel showroom visit with these tips


Seeing pictures of fixtures and finishes on the internet can be helpful for visualizing, but it just cannot compare to an in-person viewing experience. Here are three tips to make the most of your showroom experience:


Visit at the Right Time

It is important to have your showroom experience at a specific time during your remodel process. If you go too early, you may end up falling in love with materials or fixtures that are out of your budget or won’t work well with your design. There is nothing worse than falling in love with something you cannot afford. Talk with your designer to select the perfect time for your showroom visit.


Make an Appointment & Go with Your Designer

Wandering around the expansive, and potentially overwhelming, space of a showroom can be a lot to navigate by yourself. To ensure you receive the best customer service possible, as well as make selections that fall within your budget, we highly recommend making an appointment with the showroom and bringing your designer along for the experience. There is no better way to make sure you understand your project and design options.


Keep An Open Mind

One of the most exciting things about visiting a showroom is seeing real-life examples of materials and fixtures you may not have considered for your kitchen remodel. This is a great way to experience the quality of cabinets and test cabinet organization inserts. You can touch and feel the difference between glossy and honed countertop finishes. Have your designer show you what your cabinet finish, hardware finish, countertop, and backsplash will all look like together.

You may get to the showroom and discover that the countertop finish you thought you were in love with is actually too gray in-person. Maybe the cabinet door style you’ve been drooling over does not live up to your expectations. Be prepared to see something serendipitous by keeping an open mind going into your showroom visit.



We at Glenbrook Remodeling are so excited to welcome you into our showroom as we help you navigate your kitchen remodel, where you’ll receive expert advice and inspiration under one roof. Discover a full selection of quality local and brand products from trusted suppliers when you visit our kitchen showroom in Glenview, including kitchen cabinetry, accessories, door hardware, countertops and more. Simplify your decision making with a variety of fully realized displays ready to be customized to your space. Plus, you can work with our in-house designer to create the perfect space for you. Visit our showroom today.

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