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Kitchen Remodel in Glenview – Peninsula to Island

Kitchen Remodel in Glenview – Peninsula to Island

Does your kitchen layout work well for you? Your kitchen remodel should be fitted to suit you and your family’s daily living needs. It is up to the kitchen remodeler to provide helpful innovations and ultimately provide a well tailored solution.

These are the home owners:

Must Haves – Increased storage, functional convenience, more counter surface
Needs – Unified look, Improved lighting scheme, and easy to clean work surfaces
Wants – Cast iron apron front sink, and taller height faucet

Our professional kitchen remodel approach:

Rather than staying within the existing kitchen footprint, we relocated the refrigerator and used all of the room to bring the kitchen to its full potential. Have the peace of mind in knowing we do our best to check off all of our clients request. Scroll through the images to see how we transformed their peninsula into a spacious island with seating.

What are YOUR needs, wants, and must-haves? Schedule a complementary consultation and let us know how we can add greater value to your daily life. We look forward to helping you with your next project!

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