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Popular Modern Contemporary Kitchen Design Trends

Popular Modern Contemporary Kitchen Design Trends

You’ve heard it before — the kitchen is the heart of the home. While this adage may be true, the kitchen is also one of the most influential indicators of a home’s design style. Most interior areas within a home can easily be transformed with a few changes, but the kitchen, however, is a space that often requires a considerable investment and renovation to achieve the look and feel one desires. The layout, cabinets, and countertops are a more permanent representation of your home’s design style. That is why, if you’re thinking about remodeling your kitchen, careful thought and consideration must go into the design to ensure that your new kitchen will be admired for years to come.

Kitchen design can quickly become overwhelming if you’re not sure where to start. Luckily, the certified kitchen designers at Glenbrook Remodeling are here to help. In this blog, our experts highlight some of the most popular modern contemporary kitchen design trends you may want to consider incorporating into your kitchen remodeling project.


If you’ve looked at pictures of kitchens with modern contemporary design, one trend that you’ve probably noticed with many of them (if not all of them) have something in common: they are minimal. Minimalist kitchens are becoming more and more popular. They are sleek and simple. They don’t have excess ornamentation or decoration. But, keep in mind, minimalist kitchens are far from boring. By cultivating the form of the design to its mere essentials, the true essence of your kitchen’s form and function will be revealed.

Beautiful Backsplashes

Eye-catching and functional, full wall backsplashes are becoming more and more common in today’s modern contemporary kitchen designs. Full kitchen backsplashes not only add a dramatic accent wall to the space, but they are much easier to clean and are more durable than painted walls. While backsplashes traditionally go from countertop to cabinets, some modern kitchen designs are moving away from upper cabinetry, creating the opportunity to extend backsplashes uninterrupted from countertop to ceiling. Now, the breathtaking beauty of a large slab of marble, quartz, wood, copper — the list goes on — can be showcased on the wall like a work of art.

Dark Cabinetry

While white kitchen cabinets offer a classic look that can be used in almost any kitchen style, we’re seeing dark cabinetry more and more in modern contemporary kitchen design. Darker cabinets portray full-on elegance and create an extravagant atmosphere that the other options just cannot match. If you prefer a more natural appearance compared to painted cabinets, consider choosing dark wood cabinets to create a subtle accent or to make a bold statement. Walnut kitchen cabinets are a great choice for kitchens due to their beauty, versatility, and lasting durability. 

Integrated Appliances

In modern contemporary kitchen design, it’s important to ensure that appliances don’t dominate the aesthetic of your kitchen — looking at stainless steel day after day can get a little tiresome. Concealing appliances into cabinets at convenient locations is a surefire way to achieve a modern, clean, and seamless look. Appliances can have creative paneling integrated so that they blend in with your cabinets. 

Sleek + Clever Storage

There’s nothing quite as frustrating as not having enough storage space in your kitchen. When you lack the space to store pots and pans, bulky kitchen appliances, utensils, and general pantry items, your kitchen can quickly become an unorganized and cluttered mess. A kitchen remodel is the perfect opportunity to incorporate functional and aesthetically pleasing storage space in addition to your standard kitchen cabinets. Customizable pull-out drawers are sleek and provide easy access and visibility to plates, pots and pans, or whatever is conveniently nestled within them.

We hope that these modern kitchen design trends serve as an inspiration and motivate you to get your kitchen remodeling project started! Modern contemporary kitchen design combines the best in functionality and aesthetics to create the kitchen you have always dreamt of. 

If you have the itch to transform your kitchen, let Glenbrook Remodeling provide you with the complete kitchen remodeling solutions. With a team of experienced Chicago kitchen designers and builders, we can ensure a seamless remodeling process from start to finish. To get started, contact us to schedule a design consultation. 

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