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What Are the Benefits of Working with a Design-Build Remodeler?

What Are the Benefits of Working with a Design-Build Remodeler?

If you’ve remodeled your home before, you know just how fraught with frustration the process can be. Construction projects are prone to poor communication, budget overruns, and project delays. But this doesn’t have to be the norm. Discerning homeowners know working with a design-build remodeling firm, like Glenbrook Remodeling, can take your home remodeling project from a nightmare to a pleasant experience.


The Case for Design-Build

Contrasting Approaches

There are three main schools of thought when it comes to your home remodeling project. First, you could hire an interior designer. Designers are incredibly skilled at taking your house from blah, to your idealized home. Because they are visual-spatial thinkers, they can see the potential hiding in every square inch of space. But unfortunately, designers don’t have a great idea of the realities of construction and carpentry costs. So your designer may plan your dream home remodel, but it may also end up doubling your budget, and result in you having to push that remodel further down the timeline. Plus, you still have to find someone to construct your remodel.


The second way to go about a home remodel is to hire a general contractor – a very important step, as these are the professionals who will actually do the work to transform your home. Your general contractor will run the day-to-day detail of your remodeling project. They will hire and oversee any necessary subcontractors and skilled tradesmen. But, they will not give you a chance to see what your space will look like with designs and renderings before you commit to a contract. This can lead to miscommunication and project delays.


The Magic of Synergy

Design-build remodelers offer the best of both worlds, with significantly less pitfalls. Because your designer and general contractor are working together under one roof to design and plan your remodel to fit your ideas and your budget, the remodeling process becomes a unified, streamlined process. The collaboration between designers and builders ensures seamless communication and project integration.


Not to mention, design-build teams offer a broader perspective, blending aesthetic vision with construction feasibility, leading to unique and functional spaces.


You’ll get predictable costs and budget control with pre-construction cost estimates and transparent budgeting, minimizing financial surprises and exceeding expectations.


Design-build means one point of contact, eliminating logistical headaches and facilitating clear decision-making.


The integrated scheduling and streamlined workflows of design-build remodelers minimize delays and expedite project completion, allowing you to enjoy your dream space sooner.


And perhaps best of all, design-build firms offer personalized attention and concierge-like service. At Glenbrook Remodeling, our commitment to understanding individual needs and providing exceptional service is tailored to the discerning North Shore homeowner. 


Cost Differences

Does design-build cost more? That depends on who you ask. If you were to merely hire a general contractor, or perhaps even attempt a DIY home remodel, then yes, design-build would cost more. But, if you were to hire an interior designer and then hire a general contractor, you could end up spending much more than you would with a full-service design-build company because now you have two points of contact and a greater margin of error in communication. Your designer could create something you love, but then you take the design to your general contractor and it’s not within budget, or perhaps not architecturally feasible.


With a design-build remodeling firm, your designer and contractor are working together from the very beginning to ensure that we can make your vision come to life for the agreed upon budget. The value of having your designer and builder under one roof cannot be overstated. You’re not just paying for a remodel, but you are paying for someone else to handle all the headaches for you.


Ensure the best outcome for your home remodel by choosing a reputable design-build firm. Discerning homeowners will meet with potential candidates, review portfolios, read client testimonials, speak with references, and decide if the company aligns with your vision and values. Having the right people on your team will save you time and money in the long run.


Complimentary Consultation

If you live in Chicago’s North Shore area and are planning a home remodel, contact Glenbrook Remodeling today to schedule a complimentary consultation. We would love to discuss your specific remodeling needs and allow you to experience the benefits of design-build firsthand. Our projects and budgets are more accurate, cohesive and efficient since we manage all phases from the initial design concepts, budgeting and permits through engineering, construction and inspections. We like to think of the design-build approach as a way to avoid surprises along the way. By putting in the hard work on design and planning at the beginning of the project you can feel confident that you are going to get exactly what you agreed upon with your designer, architect, and project manager.

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