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Why Do I Need a Designer for a Kitchen Remodel?

Why Do I Need a Designer for a Kitchen Remodel?

It is not overkill to hire a professional to design your kitchen remodel.

“It’s just a small kitchen remodel,” you may be thinking. “Why do I need a designer?” It’s your home, your daily space – shouldn’t you know how to fix it better than anyone? Not necessarily. Let us show you why you should hire a designer, and a design-build remodeler, for your kitchen remodel.

Designers are visual-spatial thinkers

It may be hard for you to look at your space and see anything beyond what is currently there. You can think of half a dozen things you do or do not like about your kitchen. But can you explain why they do (or don’t) work? Designers have strong visual-spatial processing skills, which means they can come into your home and see its potential, not just its reality. This also makes designers great at managing foot traffic patterns and planning a space according to how it will be used. If your space does not function properly for you, then you need a designer to show you how to make it not only function, but flourish.

Narrowing down choices

Houzz, Pinterest, Instagram – there are so many places on the internet to gather inspiration, it can become overwhelming. You want to see all your options, see everything that’s out there, so you can decide on what you want. Then you get decision fatigue and feel paralyzed, and your whole project has to go on hold while you recoup. A designer can take away the extra choices (and extra headaches) and make your life easier. Give your designer a handful of pictures of designs you like. Point out what you like about them. Your designer will take this information and use it to narrow down your selections to make sure the process of picking out materials is easy and relatively stress-free.

“Who” not “How”

It takes 10,000 hours to become an expert at something. Do you have 10,000 hours to spare to research and plan out your kitchen remodel? Which countertop will suit your lifestyle best? What organizational ad-ons will be best for your cabinets? Where should the sink be installed? And what even is a kitchen work triangle? You don’t have the time. So instead of figuring out how you are going to find the time to learn about kitchen remodeling, figure out who the experts are that you want to hire to make your life easier. 

We at Glenbrook Remodeling are experts in kitchen remodeling. Let us show you how our design-build process can make your kitchen remodel quicker and easier than traditional remodeling processes. Give us a call today to get started.

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