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FAQ Answers, without the sales pitch

Owner Alex Gherghiceanu offers some straight, honest answers to commonly asked questions regarding remodeling and getting an estimate. Contact Alex to discuss your needs further.

5 Helpful Tips for Selecting New Cabinets

How much does it cost?

What drives up the price?

How long does it take for a kitchen remodel?

Can I use my kitchen during remodeling?

What hours will workers be inside my home during a remodel?

Can you tell me if I can remove walls?

What do I need to start a project?

Why you should not be measuring.

What is included in my free estimate?

Will my free estimate allow me to compare prices?

Are there benefits to remodeling multiple spaces at once?

Can I change the floor plan of my design?

Can I change colors and finishes after the design is complete?

What are your payment terms?