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New Kitchen Remodel Trends for 2024

New Kitchen Remodel Trends for 2024

A Return to Traditional

As the design pendulum swings, we are seeing a significant turn away from the modern styles that have been reigning supreme the last decade. Traditional style details are increasing in popularity and will be a huge design trend for the next few years. (And longer, since traditional style is typically a timeless style.) 

This return to traditional can be seen in all of the most popular design features predicted to be big this year. From rich colors, to elegant moldings, black & white floors, beadboard backsplashes, built-ins, and an emphasis on the craftsmanship of the details, traditional elements are everywhere. Here are a few places to bring in the traditional look:


Bespoke Features

A staple of traditional design features, handmade and one-of-a-kind details are becoming increasingly popular among designers and homeowners. Features like antique furniture being repurposed into a kitchen island, or bespoke moldings are a great way to show your unique personality and bring a little something extra to the room your family spends most of their time in. 

Little design elements such as tile that looks handmade, where no two tiles are exact matches, is a great way to bring this bespoke design detail to life. Alternatively, you can opt for something more grand by adding a fireplace to your kitchen. And for a luxurious, one-of-a-kind feel to your cabinets, check out our exclusive Riva Collection Signature Line.


Hidden Storage

The open shelving trend is dead. Long live hidden storage! Another idea brought in by the return to traditional style design, homeowners and designers alike are opting for storage that hides the less visually appealing parts of a kitchen. Not everyone has perfectly matching, display-ready crockery.  Plus, the work of having to dust your plates every time you pull them down from your open shelving gets tiring very quickly.

Along with more traditional looking kitchens, storage cabinets for things like smaller appliances have become increasingly more popular. Appliance garages can be a great way to easily store heavy pieces like your KitchenAid Mixer, but still have it in an easily accessible location on your countertop.



Walk-in Pantries & Larders

Also known as “butler’s pantries,” these hidden spaces provide a room to keep unsightly prep space out of the view of guests. They are also a great way to store pieces used for large parties and impressing guests, without taking up vital kitchen storage real estate. Although, they are by no means ugly. Butler’s pantries can have incredible design features and be just as beautiful as the rest of your kitchen. But you can also easily hide away mess behind a closed door when you need to.

Historically more common in Europe, larders are starting to make a name for themselves here in the greater Chicago area. A larder is essentially a pantry, but bigger and better. As homesteading increases in popularity, having a cool, dry place to store homegrown and home-canned food is becoming more and more necessary. Larders can also be a great place to make a style statement.



A trend that is going nowhere anytime soon, aging-in-place features become ever more popular as the later years of the Baby Boomer generation moves into retirement and start to prepare for getting older. It’s important to make sure your home is a safe place for you to live with dignity. Great lighting, high contrast colors, and lower storage are some key features to improving your kitchen’s functionality for aging-in-place living.


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